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Hi, I’m Cat!  I like to wear pink cowboy boots and cry (a lot).  I’ve always had really strong emotions, and I used to think of this as a weakness.  It wasn’t until I went to college in Silicon Valley that I realized it was actually one of my greatest strengths.  Studying computer science at Stanford, life felt very logical and planned out.  There was a rational way to make everything make sense - except the way things and people made us feel.  There was never a way to explain emotions, and I loved that.  I started to pay more attention to the way I felt at a given moment, and, once I arrived at Berklee, I realized that I wanted to write songs about the specific emotions I’ve felt in different situations - from the anxiety I feel about aging to the little heartbreak I experienced when someone preferred to turn the music up in the car rather than talk to me.


I don’t write the big heartbreak songs.  I write the little ones.  I write about the little heartbreaks and emotions we feel every day, and I hope that, in doing so, people who relate to my music can work out their smaller emotions so they don’t have to turn into bigger, more painful ones.


July 3               New York City, NY               Rockwood Music Hall

July 1                New York City, NY               Studio A @ Power Station

June 30             New York City, NY              Studio A @ Power Station

June 10             New York City, NY              The Bowery Electric

Apr 21               New York City, NY              Black Box @ Power Station

Mar 7                 New York City, NY              The Cutting Room

Feb 8                  New York City, NY              The Delancey 

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